Thursday, November 1, 2018

On the way to the Outfitting Camps

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John Kay states that the company he was with was persecuted by who on their way to the outfitting camps in Wyoming, Nebraska?
a.                  Missourians
b.                  Returning Civil War soldiers
c.                   Natives
d.                  Government officials
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Gold seekers that stopped in Salt Lake City and were baptized during the winter of 1850
From the life of William Wilson Sterrett:   Having heard rumors of the discovery of gold in California, I got the gold fever, and in the spring of 1849 started for California, but only got to Iowa that season. In the spring of 1850 I started again and arrived in Salt Lake City Aug. 8, 1850. In all my ups and downs I had many temptations to pass through, and I also had many reflections in regard to a future state. Always being a diligent reader I read everything that came in my way, and during the winter of 1850 I read the Book of Mormon, the Voice of Warning and other Church works and became convinced of the truth of “Mormonism.” There were many Gentiles in Salt Lake City during that winter and some of them joined the Church; they were sometimes called winter Mormons. I held off, not wishing to be known by that appellation, but in May, 1851, I was baptized by Elder Reuben McBride in the waters of City Creek, and married Mary Jane, the daughter of Simeon Crandell.

Andrew Jensen, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City: Western Epics, 1971), 3: 524.

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