Sunday, November 4, 2018

Taking the Law into their Hands

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Why did the Jackson County, Missouri settlers take the law into their own hands when they pushed the Mormons out?
a.                  The State was too slow to decide on anything
b.                  The state allowed the counties to administer their own laws
c.                   There were no laws that could hold the settlers in check
d.                  Jackson County had a law that “Yankees “ could be persecuted
Yesterday’s answer:
A   A monthly magazine
The South African Mission’s monthly newsletter was originally called the Cumorah Monthly Bulletin before being formalized as a registered magazine in 1929. The name was changed in July 1933 from Cumorah’s Southern Cross to Cumorah’s Southern Messenger when missionaries discovered that the Catholic Church in South Africa already had a publication named the Southern Cross.

Booker T. Alston, The Cumorah Baseball Club: Mormon Missionaries and Baseball in South Africa, Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2014, 105.

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