Wednesday, November 28, 2018

They Didn’t have It

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During the 1853-55 Gibraltar Mission, Elder Stevenson and Porter were able to enter the city without what?
a.                   A pass
b.                  Their passports
c.                   The Book of Mormon
d.                  Approval
Yesterday’s answer:
C   A large serpent
From the life of George Q. Cannon:   I saw in the lake [Bear Lake], which I had been observing, quite closely, an object moving with considerable swiftness. . . . It was travelling with very great swiftness, as fast, I should judge, if not faster, as a railroad train would travel on land. The object was, as near as we could judge, about thirty feet long, and might have taken it to be, if it had not moved, for a large saw log, its appearance being somewhat of that shape, and its color that of a log stripped of its bark. . . . What this was I do not pretend to say, whether a monster in the shape of a large serpent or not I cannot decide. (August 3, 1881)
Richard Dilworth Rust, “The Online Journal of George Q. Cannon, BYU Studies, Vol. 55, 2016, 44.

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