Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Bringing Out His Best

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While David William Jeffs was serving a mission in North Carolina as a new missionary, he vowed to do as little teaching at a meeting. He ended up preaching for an hour and twenty five minutes. What was the motivation that brought this out in him?
a.                  Knowing that him and his companion would be tarred and feathered after the meeting
b.                  The spirit of his dead grandfather standing beside him giving him what to say
c.                   The presence of a visiting minister there to disprove him and his companion
d.                  The size of the crowd
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Slippery Elm
The following from the life of Howard Egan Jr.:   One day with a boy named Levi Green, we were peeling the bark off a slippery elm log that was laying in the back yard. We boys used to get the bark to eat or to dry for future use. Levi, on one side of the log, had a hatchet with which to cut off the outside rough bark and cut across the ends. Then the bark could be peeled off in long strips.
Major Howard Egan, Pioneering the West (Howard Egan Estate: Richmond, Utah, 1917) 139.

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