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England, Christmas 1837

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What happened on Christmas Day in England in 1837?
a.                  The first missionaries arrived in the country from America
b.                  The first baptism into the LDS Church
c.                   The first General Conference
d.                  The first couple married into the LDS church
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Teaching the Saints
Brigham Young enjoyed joining the Christmas celebrations because they gave him an opportunity to teach the congregations LDS principles. Excerpts from the LDS Church Historian’s Office diary included these sections of President Young’s Christmases from 1850 to 1857.
Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1850:   Christmas day lovely. The band, 26 in number, have promenaded the City and played before the houses of the Presidency, Twelve and others while riding on horseback. President Young went up to his mill, where there was a dance in the upper room.
Thursday, Dec. 25, 1851:   A fine day. All the Church Public Works hands attended a picnic in the Carpenters at 11 a.m. In the course of the evening, past and enjoining all to suppress their murmurs and do their duty.
Sunday, Dec. 25, 1853:   Brigham Young addressed a congregation in the Old Tabernacle. He said “Be cautious. Keep your consciences clear and be humble. Sanctify your selves. Distress and poverty have never been felt in this valley. You will not find a man or woman complain who was here in 1847 and 1848. I would rejoice if our eyes would be opened to see the days of the Savior. This is the birthday of our Saviour, our elder brother. May we serve Him by helping the devil and wickedness to be swept from the earth.”
Tuesday, Dec. 25, 1855:   A party was held at the State House in Fillmore this evening. The First Presidency was present and also most members of the Legislature.
Thursday, Dec. 25, 1856:   Accompanied by Bishop Edwin D. Woolley and Frederick Kesler, Brigham Young rode in a sleigh to the ice dam. After the President retuned to the office, he gave counsel and instruction to various persons.
Friday, Dec. 25, 1857:   Last evening President Young attended a party at the Social Hall. Today he and his brothers and their families met at his house for a great family meeting where the president talked about his experiences in leading the Kingdom, his hopes for the family and the church and about doctrine.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Museum Memories (Talon Printing: Salt Lake City, 2011), 3:  222-223.

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