Monday, December 3, 2018

Few of

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To Heber C. Kimball’s surprise, he noted that during the first 1837 mission that there were few of what that he was able to use to his advantage?
a.                  Few converts
b.                  Few mobocrats
c.                   Few policemen
d.                  Few licensed ministers
Yesterday’s answer:
A   The New York Saints voyage to California
The following from the journal of William Glover in reference to the voyage of the Brooklyn:   Our voyage was prosperous till within three days of our landing. At this point our water and fuel were getting short. It was thought best to go to Valperasa [Valparaiso, Chile] to replenish the ship for the rest of the voyage. There arose a heavy storm of wind, blowing from the land. After trying for three days to go in to Port Valpersas without success we were forced to go to the Island of Juan Fernandes. There we got all the wood, water and fish we wanted, without price, whereas, if we had gone into Valperaso it would have cost us thousands of dollars, thus showing to us the hand of the Lord and His overruling Providence and care of the His people.
Gold Rush Saints, Kenneth N. Owens, (University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma: 2005), 36.

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