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For Free!

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On what voyage did the Saints run out of food and fuel, were able to land and restock for free?
a.                  The New York Saints voyage to California
b.                  The Russian Saints voyage to Canada
c.                   The Great Britain Saints voyage to New Orleans and up the Mississippi to Nauvoo
d.                  The Australian Saints voyage to San Francisco
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Hawaii
Because of the restorative circumstances the Church’s establishment in Laie [Hawaii] afforded, it is not surprising to note a population recovery among the Saints there. In the early 1870s, President Nebeker reported that births were exceeding deaths on the plantation. This was not happening to the same degree anywhere else in the kingdom. During their 1874 visit to Laie, King Kalakaua and Queen Kapiolani were astonished by the number of children they found. Both commented upon it repeatedly. A sense of worth, cultural stability, and ability to cope with their hardships had been restored to his community. The Queen felt that her people in Laie had regained their former dignity and self-respect. While talking with some of the local Hawaiian Saints several years later, she said “she was convinced that [the] Elders were doing all that could be done towards carrying out the King’s motto ‘save and increase the [Hawaiian] nation.’”
Queen Kapiolani was also deeply impressed with the Relief Society organization in Laie. It struck her as one way to help revitalize the race. These impression prompted her to establish her own version of Relief Society, the Hui Ho’oulu a Ho’ola Lahui (Association for Strengthening and Giving Life to the Race) in 1877. Acting on behalf of her majesty, Kaleohano was instrumental in helping to organize several chapters of this society in various communities. From time to time, he was also invite to address the assembled women of the society. Kaahanui and her daughter Lucy were both active in the Queen’s organization at Laie.
Voyages of Faith-Explorations in Mormon Pacific History, Grant Underwood, (Brigham Young University Press, Provo, Utah: 2000), 299-300.

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