Thursday, December 20, 2018

Testing the Patriarchal Blessing

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In 1891, Ira T. Williams was called to serve a mission to England. Prior to his departure he was given a Patriarchal Blessing that stated he would return in safety. What was the first test of this blessing?
a.                  His ship caught fire
b.                  Pursued by mobbers
c.                   Cholera break out on his ship
d.                  His train derailed and crashed
Yesterday’s answer:
C   The presence of a visiting minister there to disprove him and his companion
From the life of David William Jeffs:   As I have said, my experience in public preaching was very limited; yet I resolved in my heart that I would not refuse to take my turn in any part of the missionary work. My companion and I had appointed a meeting at a friend’s house, in Cherokee county, North Carolina. Some of our enemies, hearing of the meeting, sent for one of the leading preachers of the State of Georgia to defeat the “Mormons.” I had heard of this preacher, whose name was Manuel Henry. However, I did not learn of his coming to our meeting until we were arriving at the house and heard someone say, “There comes Manuel Henry;” my heart seemed to stop beating for a minute, my mind was a perfect blank and I trembled like a leaf. We called the meeting to order and I had to take hold of a chair in front of me in order to arise to my feet. Just as we commenced singing all fear left me, and as I arose to my feet to speak I was as cool and collected as if I had been in the work for years; the Spirit of God rested upon me in mighty power and by the help of my Father in Heaven, I spoke for one hour and twenty-five minutes, and quoted Scripture that I could not remember ever having read and my mind was filled with knowledge. This was a testimony and a strength to me all through my mission.
Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Andrew Jenson History Company, 1914), 52.

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