Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Bark of the Tree

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Which one tree did the pioneers use the bark as food when there was little else to eat?
a.                  Spruce
b.                  Slippery Elm
c.                   Oak
d.                  Russian Olive
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Asked if her father would adopt him into the family
From the life of Nancy Abigail Clement Williams:   March 1st.  Father decided to go to the temple to do work for his father’s family, & obtained a recommend for me and all the children older. I mentioned it one Sunday morning to Fred Williams stating that Easton and Oliver were going to be adopted to Father and mother. He jokingly ask if he could be adopted also. I suggested, that they had already more boys’ than girls, and it would be more profitable to adopt girls. “Don’t you understand my meaning, he ask,” I told him no. He then ask me if I would marry him, and share my lot with his. This was such a surprise to me, I could have fell down. I never realized that he ever dreamed of loving me. I had found him to be a true Latter Day Saint, and had great respect for him and if I ever loved him I never would show it, because I though the cared nothing for me. I told him it was a question of so great importance I could not answer him directly and ask him to give me until the following day to answer; this he granted, and I sought unto the Lord earnestly to know if it was his will. Having received a testimony that he was the one destined to be my future husband I gave him the desired promise on the evening following.
Women’s Voices-An Untold History of The Latter-day Saints 1830-1900 (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1982), 360.

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