Thursday, January 31, 2019

3.7 Million in Expenditures

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During the period of 1901 to 1915, the Church spent 3.7 million on what?
a.                   Education
b.                  Building meeting houses
c.                   Building temples
d.                  Temple maintenance and upkeep
Yesterday’s answer:
C   The temple
The women especially found new meaning for themselves in temple worship “We cannot go out to preach,” said Elizabeth Morse in a St. George Relief Society meeting in April 1878, “but we can go to the temple to redeem the dead.” In an age prior to women serving full-time Church missions, temple work became a well-attended outlet of new-found devotion, a form of “missionary labor” among Mormon women. Seventy-nine female ordinance workers were called in St. George between 1877 and 1890 with a female president over such. Margaret Mustard spoke in one Relief Society meeting of how thankful she was “to have been brought to St. George where a temple of the Lord has been erected, and to have been made a partaker in its blessings.” Said a Sister Durham of Parowan, “When I came here to work in the temple I felt my weakness, I was afraid I could not learn what I came here for, but the Lord has blest me, and I am doing better than I though.” And declared Minerva W. Snow, “I believe that having the Temple here has wrought great changes in this people.”
“Which is the Wisest Course,” The Transformation in Mormon Temple Consciousness, 1870-1898. Richard E. Bennett, BYU Studies Vol. 52, No. 2, 2013, 23-24.

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