Thursday, January 24, 2019

Charles Dream

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On April 24, 1893, Charles Herbert Worthen dreamed what, that happened the next day?
a.                  His release as a Bishop
b.                  The seagulls coming to devour crickets
c.                   His release as a missionary
d.                  His capture for cohabitation
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Stealing
One whipping on the trail did not involve members of the traveling company but a group of Indians who came into camp to beg and unfortunately, to steal. One visiting Indian trying to make off with a sack of crackers was caught by a member of the company. The chief of the Indian visitors gave the thief a beating with his riding whip as well as “a terrible talking to.” However, members of the company concluded that the chief whipped his tribesman because he was caught, not because he was stealing.
Violence and Disruptive Behavior on the Difficult Trail to Utah, 1847-1868, David L. Clark (BYU Studies, Vol. 53, Number 4, 2014), 94.

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