Sunday, January 6, 2019

Mormon Tradition has it . . .

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Mormon tradition (could be true, but also could be a myth) has it that Chief Walker of the Ute tribe was prepared by who for the coming of the Saints to the Salt Lake Valley?
a.                  Joseph Smith
b.                  The Lord
c.                   The Three Nephites
d.                  Moroni
Yesterday’s answer:
C   His sister
From the life of Joseph Fielding Smith:   President Smith’s low-key humor delighted those who knew him well. Scolded by one of his sisters for never taking a day off, he quipped, “All my days are off.” The sister advised, “Now I want you to go home and take a nap. George Albert Smith, Stephen L. Richards, and J. Reuben Clark always did, so you can too.” “Yes,” President Smith replied, “and where are they today? All dead!”
Richard S. Van Wagoner and Steven C. Walker, A Book of Mormons, (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1982), 306.

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