Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Wanting to Send a Delegation

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David B. Haight

What position was David B. Haight stepping down from when a delegation of associates wanted to meet with President McKay to change Bro. Haight's mind?
a.                  Mayor
b.                  Temple President
c.                   Senator
d.                  Stake President
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Peter
From the life of Delbert Leon Stapley:   His brother Thyrle had been subjected on several occasions to serious emergency operations. Each time it seemed that, without being notified, Elder Stapley would be there to bless him. Thyrle’s wife described one of these occasions:
I shall never forget one afternoon during a very trying painful ordeal. . . the surgeons had reported that the operation was not a successful one, and there was nothing more they could do. Looking out of the window I saw Del walking up the steps of the hospital. What a surprise! . . . As I watched him enter the hospital, the feeling came over me that this wonderful man was much like Peter, who hastened to Joppa laid his big, healing hands on the head of Dorcas, and raise her from the dead. As I listened to the fervent prayer of our present–day apostle, all worry and doubt and fear left me. The blessed relief and assurance that my husband would recover came over me. I was not the least bit surprised several days later when the doctor said, “Mr. Stapley, you have had a miraculous recovery.”
Flake, Lawrence R., Prophets and Apostles of the Last Dispensation, (Provo, Utah: Religious Study Center, Brigham Young University, 2001), 486.

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