Thursday, January 10, 2019

William Clayton’s Wedding Anniversary Treat

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Traveling in Brigham Young’s 1847 company of Saints, journalist William Clayton stated that what was given to him in June 1847, and was a treat on his wedding anniversary?
a.                  A snowball that he ate
b.                  A bouquet of daisy’s
c.                   Wild raspberries
d.                  Fresh trout
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Sightseeing
Just west of Independence Rock, the Sweetwater River flows through a high gorge with 400’ cliffs on each side. The gorge is called Devil’s Gate. There is no room to travel next to the river, so the trail goes around the south side of the mountain. Because of the unique beauty of the place, many travelers would hike and climb up the ridge to look down at the river rushing through the gorge. Some slipped and fell to their deaths, including an 18 year old woman who died there in the early 1860’s. The epitaph on her grave board said: “Here lies by body of Caroline Todd; Whose soul has lately gone to God; Ere redemption was too late; She was reclaimed at Devil’s Gate.”
The area around Devil’s Gate today is known as part of the Sun Ranch. It was first settled by Tom Sun in 1872, and remained in the Sun family for many generations. Tom Sun was a true frontiersman, trapper, and Indian Scout. He was a friend of Buffalo Bill, and used this part of the ranch as a favorite site for his hunting parties.
Stewart E. Glazier and Robert S. Clark, Journey of the Trail (Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1997), 74.

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