Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Non-Mormon’s touch on the Book of Mormon

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John H. Gilbert, a non-member and the typesetter during the printing of the Book of Mormon, was instrumental in the way we read this book of scripture today. What was it that he did?
a.                   Numbered the pages
b.                  Punctuated it
c.                   Added the book and chapter headings
d.                  Divided it into verses
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Polygamy
On August 20, 1852, Elders Benson, Grant, Taylor, Snow, and Richards reached Salt Lake City. One company had arrived before them. Eight days later, President Young conducted a special conference for more than one hundred men called on missions, the biggest wave of missionaries yet sent out from Utah. To these men he praised the Iowa evacuations that now made it possible to boost missionary numbers: “There are a great many coming bro. Benson says all are coming, even the great grand daddies, and great grand mammies; uncles and aunts, all are coming, and I am glad of it; I rejoice for it puts us in a position that we can send out elders from this place into all the world; whereas, before, our circumstances needed all the men we had here to prepare for the gathering of the saints.”
That same day, President Young wrote to John Bernhisel, “We are now prepared to send out Elders to the nations.” The next day in the special conference, August 29, Elder Orson Pratt publicly announced for the Church its practice of plural marriage, which announcement the missionaries’ would take with them to their fields of labor.
The Closedown of LDS Iowa Settlements in 1852 That Completed the Nauvoo Exodus and Jampacked the Mormon Trail, William G. Hartley, BYU Studies, Vol. 52, No. 3, 2013, 94-95.

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