Saturday, February 16, 2019

I Mormoni SUG

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During the late 1960s missionaries in the Italian mission formed a basketball team and dubbed themselves I Mromoni SUG (The Mormons LDS). Prior to games, the players on the team would present the opposing players a gift. What did they give?
a.                  Books of Mormon
b.                  Flowers
c.                   Article of Faith cards
d.                  Bibles
Yesterday’s answer:
C   A surveyors fee
In Nauvoo the Church had purchased land from absentee owners and local settlers and resold it at prices adjusted to a buyer’s ability to pay. Circumstances differed in the newest stake of Zion—and in its future colonies. The Twelve said, “We have no land to sell to the Saints in the Great Basin, . . . and no one of you have any land to buy or sell more than ourselves; for the inheritance is of the Lord, and we are his servants, to see that everyone has his portion in due season.” The terms of distribution reflected a principle outlined in Missouri’s law of consecration. The Twelve’s decision on how to allocate farm land was: “you are entitled to as much as you can till or as you need for your support,” with the added provisions that the recipient must pay the surveyor for his services.” Once a recipient had received an inheritance, it was his responsibility to feed his family by the sweat of his brow. He was free to sell his land and its improvements if and when he wished.
Glen M. Leonard, Seeking An Inheritance: Mormon Mobility, Urbanity, and Community, Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2014, 34-35.

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