Friday, February 22, 2019

Prior to 1882

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Prior to 1882 which two religions had the only hospitals in Salt Lake City?
a.                  The Mormons and the Reorganized Church
b.                  The Episcopalians and Catholics
c.                   The Mormons and the Catholics
d.                  The Mormons and the Pentecostals
Yesterday’s answer:
C   The Relief Society Nursing School
From the life of Margaret Curtis Shipp Roberts:   “Dr. Maggie” chose the field of medicine because she felt she could provide more service there. She graduated from Women’s Medical College in 1882.
Margaret had the honor of teaching the first Relief Society nursing class. She taught the first two years without accepting any remuneration. During the latter yeas of her practice, she specialized in obstetrics. In 1902 she started the Relief Society Nursing School and operated it under the organization of the Relief Society General Board.
Lesson Committee, Museum Memories-Daughters of Utah Pioneers, (Salt Lake City, Talon Printing, 2010), 2: 55.

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