Monday, March 4, 2019

Being Led to Alpheus Cutler

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Alpheus Cutler

At a time when her doctor had given up hope for Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner, and said that she would die, one night she was told to search for Brother Cutler, an individual she didn’t know, and that he would provide her with a blessing. Who told Mary Elizabeth to search out Alpheus Cutler?
a.                  Her husband
b.                  Her home teachers
c.                   The local minister
d.                  An angel
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Mint candy's for the grand child
From the life of William Rawlings Webb:   William bought a one-room house in American Fork and opened a small shoe repair shop there. Martha helped sew shoes. Sometimes William would go to Salt Lake to buy leather. He would ask if one of the grandchildren wanted to come with him. So many of them did, that they had to take turns. They would ride the train to the city and back and had a glorious time. If it was LDS Conference time, William would take his grandchild by the hand and attend the meeting. In his pocket he would always have mint candies which they called “conference drops.”
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Museum Memories (Talon Printing: Salt Lake City, 2011), 3: 246.

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