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East or West?

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Mary Ann Greathouse Downs joined the Church as a teenager in Ohio and was immediately disowned by her family. An Aunt and Uncle took her to Winter Quarters to be with the rest of the Saints, however, when her Aunt and Uncle decided to go back to Ohio, what happened that cause Mary Ann to stay with the Saints?
a.                  Her Aunt and Uncle died
b.                  A personage appear to her that pointed to the west
c.                   She got married
d.                  She joined the Mormon Battalion
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Dad
From the life of Mary Jones Davies:   About 1848 they met missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and were baptized into the Church. They wanted to emigrate to Utah to be with Church members so began saving their money.
When they were ready to start their journey. Mary carried her six day old baby to the train. When they purchased their tickets, thy found that they didn’t have enough money for all of them to go. Thomas sent this family alone and he stayed to work for another year in the mines of Wales.
It was difficult for Mary to leave her husband and go all the way to Utah alone with her small family. She almost lost her courage. She knew that with faith and courage and with the Lord’s help they could make it. They hadn’t been on the ocean many days when little Elizabeth became gravely ill. Mary pled with the Lord to let her daughter live until they arrived on American soil. When they landed at Albany, New York little six year-old Elizabeth died. Mary’s friends gathered around her and with their help she found a resting place for her child. Mary’s money was all gone. She was so exhausted that she gathered her little family around her and all sank wearily down by her trunk. She prayed to the Lord with all her heart for help.
As she looked up from her prayers. Mary saw someone coming toward her. It was William Richards, a captain of one of the companies going across the Plains. He helped Mary find a wagon and the necessary provisions for the journey. They left with the Samuel D.  White Wagon Company from Florence, Nebraska on August 14, 1863. It was the last wagon train to leave that year.
They arrived safely in the Salt Lake Valley in October, 1863. Mary and her family went with the Captain William Richards to Greenville, Utah where his family lived. They soon found a place to live and found that there was plenty of work for them to do.
Mary seemed to have a special gift for healing. There were so few doctors at that time. Mary soon became well known for helping the sick. She grew most of her herbs and spices and had brought many of her recipes with her. An ointment from Mary was famous for healing and it was used from Greenville to Cedar City. It was “Mungees Salve.”
Mary’s husband arrived the next year. He was in poor health after spending so many years working in the mines. They had some sheep and he was able to do some work. They taught their family to work and to help each other.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1: 765.

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