Sunday, March 17, 2019

Never Seeing

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In 1866, Ann Holmes Burton and her children were sailing to American to join the Saints. While crossing the Atlantic the ship she was sailing on experienced contrary winds. The Captain of the ship came below deck to where the Saints were and stated that they better hoped for favorable winds or what wouldn’t they see?
a.                  Utah
b.                  Joseph Smith
c.                   Brigham Young
d.                  America
Yesterday’s answer:
A   To distinguish from the two other James Browns in the Mormon Battalion
From the life of Mary Ann Brown Snow Buchanan:   Mary Ann was born in Indiana, 1842. Her father, James, was a very successful farmer. Her parents were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1843, and shortly thereafter, they began their trek to join the other Saints in Nauvoo. They arrived in 1844.
They were there during the persecutions and one day before their departure, February 3, her parents were endowed. The exodus began February 4, 1846. They went first to Sugar Creek and then to Council Bluffs, arriving there, June 14, 1846. At this time Mary Ann was almost four.
At Council Bluffs the call came for the Mormon Battalion. James, along with two other James Browns, were included. To distinguish himself from the other James Browns’ he added his Mother’s maiden name, becoming James ‘Polly’ Brown. He went to Ft. Leavenworth, while his family remained in Council Bluffs.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1:405.

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