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Not Sure if They had their Driving Permits

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Catherine Reese Clawson and her two daughters drove their two wagons across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley. How old were Catherine’s daughters?
a.                  7 and 15
b.                  6 and 12
c.                   9 and 13
d.                  8 and 14
Yesterday’s answer:
D   The tithing yard
From the life of Mary Bjork Cederlof:   When Mary was about twenty-three years old, a young man, John Monson Cederlof, came to the Bjork home to attend a religious cottage meeting. John believed the Elders and in 1862, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mary believed it too and joined as well as her parents. She had now fallen in love with John, the young missionary.  
One day, Mary told her family she was going to America, with a girlfriend. John was going on the same ship. Her parents followed about a year later. In 1865, she bade her home good-bye.
Aboard the ship Mary and her sweetheart were married by the Captain at sea.
Finally, they landed in New York. They crossed the Missouri River in a heavy rainstorm. When they reached the opposite riverbank, there was no shelter, and they just “laid in the brush,” in the rain.
Next, they continued to Winter Quarters and to Weeping Water, Cache County, Nebraska, staying for one year while Mary gave birth to their first of seven children.
In 1866 they started out by ox-team and wagon. The outfit did not belong to them it belonged to a man named Oblad.
One day, the Indians made off with ninety head of oxen. So John built a little cart, their baby and few small personal belongings were placed inside and Mary and John walked-pulling the little cart.
Upon arrival, in 1866, they went to the tithing yard where they lived in a cow stall for two weeks. During this time they lived on bread and water. They moved to a dugout.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1: 530.

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