Friday, March 29, 2019

Sent to the Germans . . . in America

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Today it’s common for young men and women to be called to foreign speaking missions and stay in North America. Apparently this also happened in the early Church. On Benjamin Franklin Tanner’s first mission he was called to Germany. On his second mission he was called to the German people, but in what American city?
a.                  Milwaukee, Wisconsin
b.                  New York, New York
c.                   Cleveland, Ohio
d.                  Erie, Pennsylvania
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Put him on his shoulders and ran causing the young boys frame to shake
The following from the life of Howard Egan Jr. :One day our wagon was the last in the train and Mother who was driving the team, let me get out and walk behind the wagon. I took my time and gradually fell back till I could hardly see the wagon, when I noticed this it scared me so I ran at my fastest speed, but soon was out of wind and went very slow again to gain my breath, and took another run, but I was getting farther behind all the time. As the train was nearing a rolling country, where I couldn’t be seen, Mother got George Redding to come back and get me.
   He took hold of my hand and tried to make me run the whole distance to the train, but finding I was about all in he swung me on his back and tried to rattle my teeth out by running at a dog trot, stamping his feet as hard as he could to give me a good jolting, and something to remember him by, which this proves I do, for I never got very far from the wagon again.
Major Howard Egan, Pioneering the West (Howard Egan Estate: Richmond, Utah, 1917) 142.

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