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The Day the Windows Shattered

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On April 5, 1876 many windows in houses and businesses in Salt Lake City broke. What caused the windows to shatter?
a.                  Early celebrations (fireworks) previous to the April 6 anniversary of the organization of the Church
b.                  A hailstorm
c.                   Johnston’s army firing into the city
d.                  A warehouse explosion
Yesterday’s answer:
B   A Government supply train for Johnston’s army
From the life of Ann Fish Bell:   Because of the hostility toward the members from the mobs, in the Spring of 1848, Brigham Young advised them and six other families to move to Pottawattamie County, Iowa to live in the bark huts the Indians had deserted. In 1849, after nearly starving to death, they moved on to Council Bluffs were they rented farms, and life was much easier for them. In the summer of 1851, John suffered from sunstroke. Fearing he might die, he was taken to the Salt Lake Valley with the next wagon train of Saints with the promise he would return for her. Ann earned money by sewing burial clothing and selling it to those who came through town.
After an entire year had passed, she bought provisions, two wagons, cows, and oxen, and joined the next company of Saints who came through Council Bluffs. They were very uncertain about taking on a woman with seven children and no man to help her. After a couple of day’s travel, her cows were cut loose and lost. The company she joined went on without her, telling her to join the next company that came along. It took her two weeks to find the cows and they were traveling alone. Two weeks later they were overtaken by a government freight train, known as the “Truckee Train.” There were twenty-five men in the company which was loaded with supplies for the Johnston’s Army, which was camped in Laramie, Wyoming, at the time. She was told that if she would keep up with the company, she was welcome to come along with them.
When they got to Laramie, Ann joined the Gilbert and Gerrish Freight Train which was bound for Salt Lake City.
After arriving in Utah, Ann began her search for John-dead or alive. A year later, she finally located him in St. George, and brought him back to Salt Lake City were John made and lined caskets while Ann and her daughters continued sewing burial clothing.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, (Publisher Press, 1998), 1:208.

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