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Thinking they had Enough

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When the Thomas Davies family from Wales were ready to emigrate to America they discovered they didn’t have enough money. A decision was made to send everybody except for one person. Who didn’t come until a year later?
a.                  Mom
b.                  Dad
c.                   Sister
d.                  Brother
Yesterday’s answer:
A   They were one of a very few Saints on the trail
From the life of Elizabeth “Betsy” Brown Crow:   Elizabeth Brown married Robert Crow about 1818. They lived in Bellevue, Washington County, Missouri, until after the birth of their first child, then made their home in Perry, Illinois.
In 1838, they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and when persecutions got to be too much in Illinois from the mobs, they decided to head West.
Elizabeth’s cousin, John Brown, led a company of Saints into Independence, Missouri, May 26, 1846. Elizabeth and Robert joined John’s company. William Crosby was chosen captain of the company.
They expected to meet up with the Nauvoo Saints but heard nothing of them. Supposing they had gone up the north side of the river they traveled on. On June 25, they came across some buffalo for meat.
They reached Chimney Rock on July 6, 1846, and met with some travelers returning from California only to have them report that there were no Mormons on the trail ahead. Later, they learned that the Saints had stayed at Winter Quarters.
In 1847, they traveled north to Fort Laramie to wait for a group of Saints, whom they met the first part of June. On July 13, Orson Pratt requested them to take wagons and men to precede the main body down the canyon to the Great Salt Lake. Thus the Crow family was among the first Saints to enter the Salt Lake Valley. Walter, Elizabeth’s son, drove the fifth wagon into the Valley on July, 22, 1847.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1: 721.

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