Sunday, May 19, 2019

Governing the New Towns

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When the Saints first entered the valley and began to spread out to new towns, what was the structure of the government that monitored these towns?
a.                  Theocratic
b.                  Municipal
c.                   Federal
d.                  Territorial
Yesterday’s answer:
C   That the Saints were wealthy
The flood of Mormon settlers concerned local Missourians for two reasons. First, a growing body of Mormons seemed a threat economically, particularly to land speculators and squatters. Ezra Booth, a Mormon missionary who traveled to Missouri from Ohio wrote; “it is conjectured by the inhabitants of Jackson county, that the Mormonites, as a body are wealthy, and many of them entertain fears that next December, when the list of lands is exposed for sale, they [the Mormons] will out-bid others, and establish themselves as the most powerful body in the county.”
Matthew B. Lund, A Society of Like-Minded Men: American Localism and The Mormon Expulsion From Jackson County, Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2014, 179.

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