Thursday, May 16, 2019

Orson Ferguson Whitney’s Purchase

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Liberty Jail

While serving as Mission President of the Central States Mission, Orson Ferguson Whitney presented President Joseph F. Smith items he purchased from the Liberty Jail and suggested that they be placed in the Deseret Museum. What did he purchase?
a.                  The key to the jail
b.                  Portion of the bars and door
c.                   Stones from the jail floor
d.                  Some of Joseph Smith’s writings that were found
Yesterday’s answer:
D   13
From the life of Anthony Woodward Ivins:   A member of the Council of Twelve Apostles, was born Sept. 16, 1852, at Toms River, Ocean county, New Jersey, the son of Israel Ivins and Anna Lowrie Ivins. He came to Utah with his parents in 1853 and to southern Utah in 1861. He was baptized in November, 1860, by Joseph Pollard; ordained a Deacon, and subsequently a Teacher, serving faithfully in both these offices until he was 13 years of age, when he was ordained an Elder.
Andrew Jensen, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City: Western Epics, 1971), 3: 750.

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