Sunday, May 5, 2019

Preferring the LDS Missionary over the LMS Missionaries

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Why did the natives of Tubuai prefer Addison Pratt to the London Missionary Society missionaries?
a.                   Addison lived like them
b.                   Mormonism made more sense
c.                   LMS required a 15% tithing
d.                   LMS missionaries preached against dancing
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Pay tithing
Still, the increasingly widespread use of temple recommend interviews imposed a growing sense of personal accountability, obedience, faithfulness, and integrity. The payment of tithing was a vital part of such interviews. “It was absolutely necessary to require payment of tithing and donations,” one stake president instructed his bishops. And he implied that failure to pay tithing would not only disqualify temple attendance but would also lengthen out their days of persecution: “We may expect our enemies to continue to persecute us and pass laws against this people,  unless we pay our tithing.”
“Which is the Wisest Course,” The Transformation in Mormon Temple Consciousness, 1870-1898. Richard E. Bennett, BYU Studies Vol. 52, No. 2, 2013, 25.

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