Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stealing to Stop Her

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What did Alice Brooks Anderson’s parents steal from her to try to stop her from emigrating to America in 1856?
a.                  Her money
b.                  Her passage ticket for the ship
c.                   Her passport
d.                  Her clothes
Yesterday’s answer:
B   A stolen girl
From the life of Hannah Edith Johnson Aston Adcock:   One day as she climbed into the wagon, the team started up and she fell under the wheels, crushing her shoulder and breaking her arm. Her grandmother had to set it the best that she could. The pain from her injuries, cuts, and blisters, on her feet from walking barefoot, was so bad she had to sit down on a rock and rest. She was missed only when the company camped that night. Brigham Young advised them to pray for help and go late at night to look for her. They knew she had been taken by Indians. They quietly approached the Indian camp and could see Hannah in bed between two Indians. Very carefully, without waking the Indians, they were able to get her and go back to camp. Their trip was difficult, provisions were low and danger surrounded them.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, (Publishers Press, 1998), 1:21.

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