Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Typical Genre

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When leaders of the church started to combat the increasing time spent by the youth reading novels, the Home Literature push was born during the 1880s to provide the youth with clean, home manufactured stories. What genre did most of these stories use?
a.                  Western
b.                  Science fiction
c.                   Adventure
d.                  Romance
Yesterday’s answer:
B   The clicking of bone coming together
From the life of Thomas Evans Jeremy:   On one occasion Elder Jeremy, on his way to attend a conference meeting at Myrther Tydfil, South Wales, was crossing a high mountain on a cold stormy day, together with a companion, who, in consequence of the ground being slippery, stumbled and dislocated his ankle. The young man, whose name was John Rice and had only been a member of the Church a short time, sat down by the roadside and wept, they being about seven miles from the nearest house, where they could procure any help. Elder Jeremy explained the ordinance of the laying on of hands to Brother Rice, and promised him that if he had faith he could be healed. He then placed his hands upon the young man’s head and commanded in the name of Jesus Christ that everything in his body which had been dislocated should be restored. He was immediately obeyed, and the young man, who was instantly healed, leaped to his feet, shouting for joy, after which the two continued their journey praising the Lord for the miraculous manifestation of His power. The young man’s ankle was as strong and well as before the accident and Elder Jeremy testifies that when he was administering to the young man, he plainly heard the bones in the dislocated ankle; click together as if being set by some unseen physical power On another occasion when Elder Jeremy was shooting at a flock of crows, the barrel of the gun bursted, and one piece of it struck Elder Jeremy with such force in the forehead that he lost consciousness, and it was thought by those who saw him that he could not possibly live. Among the visitors on the occasion was a Baptist minister, who, on seeing him, declared that if he could get well, he would be willing to acknowledge that there must be some extraordinary power connected with him and his people. Through the faith and prayers of the Elders, Brother Jeremy recovered so quickly that he was out preaching to the people the following Sunday, three days after the accident had taken place; one week later he baptized three persons. The Baptist preacher, however, refused to believe, and when Elder Jeremy exhibited several pieces of bone which had been extracted from the nasty wound, this disbeliever in miracles wickedly insinuated that Elder Jeremy must have found some sheep bones in his field, and was trying to deceive the people. Elder Jeremy bore the scar from this accident in his forehead to his death, but experienced no inconvenience therefrom after the time he was first healed.
Jenson, Andrew, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Andrew Jensen History Company, 1914), 2: 651-652.

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