Wednesday, June 12, 2019

At the end of the 1837 Mission to Britain

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At the close of the 1837 mission, how many baptism a day were the apostles experiencing?
a.                  100
b.                  50
c.                   10
d.                  20
Yesterday’s answer:
A   The building supervisor
Bill Limb, from Clearfield, Utah, was construction supervisor for the Tahiti Temple. Even though he was a Church member and had supervised the construction of several stake centers, he and his wife Kay had become inactive. As “they struggled to communicate with the Tahitians,” the islanders “bathed them with love at every turn,” and the Limbs “basked in the warmth.” As they began attending church once again, their faith was rekindled. Their Tahitian associates honored them with the privilege of being the first couple to be sealed following the temple’s dedication.
Voyages of Faith-Explorations in Mormon Pacific History, Grant Underwood, (Brigham Young University Press, Provo, Utah: 2000), 140.

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