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What stranded the voyage that Charles and Maria Colebrook were on during their Atlantic crossing?
a.                  Unfavorable winds
b.                  A whirlpool that they couldn’t get out of
c.                   Getting lost
d.                  Grounded on a reef
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Two biscuits
From the life of Annie Butler Clayson:   When she was five years of age, Annie, her parents, four brothers, and one sister left England to join the Saints in Utah. Leaving in the Spring of 1853, on the ship, “Golconda,” they arrived in New Orleans, March 26, 1853.
While the family was preparing to cross the Plains, a man approached Annie’s father and asked for transportation to Salt Lake City. He offered to pay them well, to which her father consented. With this addition, the family, including the delicate mother and the five year old Annie, walked most of the way across the Plains. Upon arrival in Salt Lake City, the man refused to pay as agreed.
It was late fall and there was no shelter available to them when they arrived in Salt Lake City. They were forced to live in a tent until after the first snowfall when they finally came in contact with a widow who had a small log hut, used as a cow stable, that might be cleaned well enough to shelter them, at the rent of $3.00 a month. The family moved in.
There was no floor, and the cold winds howled through the unchinked logs, but they appreciated the shelter. They suffered cold, hunger and privation the first severe winter, but they were thankful that they had their family and were living among the Saints.
Annie and the other children were hired out for their board and clothes, her father began making and mending shoes.
A story is told of Annie when she was given the job of tending a baby for a lady in Salt Lake, for which she was given two biscuits for her pay for a full day’s work. One biscuit she ate during the day, and the other she took home for the family. Thus they lived until they moved to Union Fort.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1: 609-610.

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