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Providing Money for her Family

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While her husband was away on a mission, how did Rachel Morris Davies provide for her family?
a.                  Sold clothes and cookies
b.                  Sold matches and straw hats
c.                   Sold vegetables and fruit
d.                  Sold watches and coal
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Raspberry leaves
From the life of Margaret James Crump:   The exact date of the marriage of Margaret to William Charles Crump has not been found, but it was about 1853. The journal of Charles indicates that in the Summer of 1853, Brigham Young called for twenty families to go and strengthen the Herriman, Utah, settlement to live. Margaret’s family volunteered to go. One of the first things the settlers did was to build a fort for protection against the Indian raids.
Charles bought an existing cabin that was within the fort. They cleared the land and began to cultivate it. Water was very scarce and they struggled with the grasshoppers and crickets that ate their crops. Margaret had to endure much hardship and discomfort during their first years in the Herriman settlement. Food was in short supply and they had to share their food with the Indians. It was easier to feed them than to fight them.
Margaret was recognized in the community as a very capable nurse and midwife. When she assisted with the births she would bring a bag of raspberry leaves to make for the mother to drink. After the child was born she would return each morning change the mother’s bedding, assist the mother in bathing, then bathe and dress the baby, sweep and clean the rooms and then take the bedding and clothing home to be washed. She continued these services until the mother was able to do them, charging nothing for all she did, although on occasions she was given gifts for her service. One time she received sixteen Plymouth Rock hens that were worth $.25 cents each. During the time she acted as a midwife, Margaret never had a mother or baby die in the birth process.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1: 723.

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