Friday, June 14, 2019

The Best and Sweetest Sarah Buchanan Tasted

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In her journal, early pioneer Sarah Buchanan stated that what was the “best and sweetest” she had tasted?
a.                  Bread
b.                  Molasses cookies
c.                   Milk
d.                  Watermelon
Yesterday’s answer:
C   At the end of letters
From the 1839 mission to England:   Doctrinal essentials were the same as those taught today: the “first principles,” the atonement of Christ, the apostasy and restoration, modern revelation, priesthood authority, the Second Coming and the millennium, and so on. Joseph Smith’s Articles of Faith were not yet written, but most of the ideas in them were fairly widely taught. In addition, the idea that the saints were a covenant people” and that in being baptized, they had accepted a “new and an everlasting covenant.” Was very much on their minds. For example, many of the early Saints closed their letters with a phrase such as “Yours in the Everlasting Covenant,” or “Yours in the E.C.”
Men With a Mission 1837-1841, James B. Allen et. al, (Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, Utah: 1992), 101.

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