Friday, June 28, 2019

The Opposite Effect

A portrait of Lorenzo Snow√Ę€™s father, Oliver Goddard Snow, with a mustache, wearing a white shirt, bow tie, and black suit.
Oliver Goddard Snow

While serving a mission to Britain in 1870, Elder Oliver Goddard Snow indicated that what had the opposite effect on non-members and helped him with his missionary labors?
a.                  Anti-Mormon press
b.                  Anti-Mormon preaching
c.                   Anti-Mormon protest
d.                  Anti-Mormon politicians
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Pioneer Park
The following from the life of Howard Egan Jr. :   It was in September, 1848, that the family arrived in Salt Lake Valley and moved into a room of the Old Fort that had been provided for them. This Old Fort had been commenced when Father was at Salt Lake on the first trip and was built on the square now called Pioneer Park. Howard R. goes on to say: I remember the rainy season, when the sun was not seen for nearly a month. The roof of our house was a shed roof, covered with inch lumber, plastered with clay on the outside. The roof had sagged so that there was quite a depression in the center. This had filled with water and was leaking through to the room below.
Heber C. Kimball called in to see how we were all getting along. He had not sat there long when the roof settled more with a loud crack. Kimball jumped out of the door and called Mother to come out quick or the roof would fall on her. No she would not go out, but invited him to come back in out of the rain, but no he went off in a hurry.
When he had gone Mother placed a tub under where the drip was, then stood up in a chair and run a table knife up between the boards, so letting the water come down in a stream faster then she could carry it in the bucket to the door. Soon the weight on the roof was lessened enough to allow the roof to spring back some, and the danger of it falling in was removed.  
A few minutes after this had been done a man came running to the door with a post to place under the sagging roof to hold it up. He said Brother Kimball had sent him. Mother told him she would not have a post set up in the middle of her parlor and for him to tell Brother Kimball that the danger was passed and he could now return and finish his visit if he so desired.
Major Howard Egan, Pioneering the West (Howard Egan Estate: Richmond, Utah, 1917) 147-148.

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