Monday, August 12, 2019

A Comparison To

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When Elder Briggs from the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints served a mission to Salt Lake City, what Book of Mormon character did he compare Brigham Young to?
a.            King Lamoni
b.            Zeezerom
c.             Laban
d.            King Noah
Yesterday’s answer:
A   The Italian mission
From the re-opening of the Italian mission in 1965: Another program was designed to find the sincerely interested but avoid those who wanted only to befriend or debate the missionaries and who had no real interest in conversion. Called “Meet, teach, and baptize in three weeks,” the plan encouraged missionaries to decide quickly whether to teach a person or move on to someone else. It operated on the rationale that many people had not heard the message, there were few missionaries to teach it, and that “the time was going fast.” Duns stated that some of the impetus for emphasizing traditional methods and streamlining the teaching process came because “pressure was being applied by Church headquarters to match the success of South American missions.” Apparently, senior Church leaders had noticed that missionary work was moving rapidly among Italians in South America and concluded the proselytizing in Italy could see similar results.
James A. Toronto, The “Wild West” of Missionary Work” Reopening the Italian Mission, 1965-71, Journal of Mormon History, Fall 2014, 49.

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