Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bridger’s Opinion

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Jim Bridger

When the Saints met mountain man Jim Bridger on June 28, 1847, where did he suggest they settle?
a.                  The Salt Lake Valley
b.                  California’s bay area
c.                   Current Las Vegas, Nevada area
d.                  Utah Valley area (current day Provo)
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Her ox team and wagon
From the life of Netta Anna Furrer Cardon:   About this time, in 1854, she met Elder Heurs, a Latter-day Saint missionary who taught her the gospel and baptized her. Soon she made plans to join with the saints in Utah. She journeyed to Liverpool, England, where she set sail on the ship Enoch Train. This voyage lasted three long months, and her medical skill saved many lives, as a contagious disease broke out among the passengers.
After arriving in New York, she traveled by rail to the Missouri River where the trek across the plains. She had money with her to purchase a yoke of oxen, a wagon, and provisions for the journey, but seeing a family too poor to buy an outfit, she gave them all of her equipment and then purchased a handcart and a few provisions for herself. She took her medical kit, containing a few surgical instruments and medicine, a trunk containing clothing, and joined the Edmund Ellsworth handcart company. It was the very first handcart company to make the trek to Zion.
Lesson Committee, Museum Memories-Daughters of Utah Pioneers, (Salt Lake City, Talon Printing, 2010), 2: 60-61.

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