Sunday, August 25, 2019

Experiencing it Twice

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Louisa Boice

What did Louisa Boice/Boyce experience twice during the early days of the Church?
a.                  Her endowments
b.                  Her Patriarchal blessing
c.                   Baptism
d.                  Back to back Relief Society President
Yesterday’s answer:
B   One of God’s chosen ministers
[Elijah] Able’s preaching style was distinctive, even if unpolished. On two separate occasions, Eunice Kinney pointed out Ables’ lack of education. But as he struggled to read the text in a public sermon, Eunice Kinney recalls that “the Spirit rested upon him and he preached a most powerful sermon. It was such a Gospel sermon as I had never heard before and I felt in my heart that he was one of God’s chosen ministers.”
Russell W. Stevenson, “A Negro Preacher”: The Worlds of Elijah Ables, Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2013, 192.

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