Monday, August 5, 2019

It’s What Convinced Him

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What was it that finally convinced Adolph Mosiah Nielsen to listen to his mother and attend church?
a.            His Bishop
b.            The Elders
c.             A dream
d.            His Father
Yesterday’s answer:
B   The Elders told her about him
From the life of Sarah De Arman Pea Rich:   After joining the Church, her father began making arrangements for migrating to Missouri. The Elders frequently visited the family and left Church publications in the house to be read by members of the household. In one of these she saw the name of Chas. C. Rich and laughingly said: “This is a very rich name I think I will marry him.” On one of his visits Bro. Greene said” “Sister Sarah I have recommended you to a very worthy young Elder as a companion (Chas. C. Rich). After this another Elder told her the same thing. Soon afterwards she received a letter from Bro. Rich himself in which he asked for her hand in marriage. They had never seen each other and before giving her answer to Bro. Rich she looked into her Bible, when her eyes suddenly fell upon the words of Ruth to Boaz, upon which she answered his letter. The correspondence continued until the family moved to Missouri in the fall of 1837, and Sarah D. was married to Chas. C. Rich Feb. 11, 1838, Geo. M. Hinkle performing the ceremony at Far West.
Andrew Jensen, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City: Western Epics, 1971), 3: 208.

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