Thursday, August 15, 2019

It’s Where Doc Harris Hung her Hat

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Where did the midwife Doc Harris live?
a.                  In the homes of her patients
b.                  In the barns of her patients
c.                   In the local church nearest her patients
d.                  At the Lion House
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Elizabeth Whitney
From the life of Elizabeth Ann Whitney:   She was married to Newel K. Whitney Oct. 22, 1822 and becoming acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith they were baptized in November, 1830. The Prophet designated Sister Whitney as “the sweet songstress of Zion.” She was among the first members of the Church to receive the gift of tongues, which she always exercised in singing, the last time when she was 81 years of age. She was the mother of eleven children. Her husband became the second Presiding Bishop of the Church.
Andrew Jenson, L.D.S. Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City, Andrew Jensen Memorial Association, 1936), 4: 200.

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