Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jedediah M. Grant’s Assessment

Jedediah M. Grant

Jedediah Grant stated that Brigham Young could do what faster than most men?
a.                  Pull a handcart
b.                  Judge between right and wrong
c.                   Turn a profit on a dollar
d.                  Pay his tithing
Yesterday’s answer:
D   King Noah
From the Re-Organized Church’s mission to Salt Lake City: Briggs [Jason W.] compared Brigham Young to the Book of Mormon king Noah, in an essay “Extraordinary Prophecy, and Its Fulfillment”” “How striking has this been re-enacted in this city and territory. The only difference perceivable is in the manner of gathering the people’s means. King Noah took the fifth [part of grain] at once and was done, whereas his anti-type in this valley begins with a tenth, and then follows up with a variety of different collections, donations, consecrations and special offering; sealing and unsealing expenses, &c.”
Steven L. Shields, The Early Community of Christ Mission to “Redeem” the Church in Utah, Journal of Mormon History, Fall 2014, 163.

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