Sunday, August 11, 2019

“Meet, Teach, and Baptize in Three Weeks”

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During the 1960s, which mission adopted the “Meet, Teach, and Baptize in Three Weeks” program?
a.                  The Italian mission
b.                  The Central States Mission
c.                   The Australian Mission
d.                  The Russian Mission
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Brigham Young
In 1856, after Bishop William Kay left on a settlement mission, some members of Kay’s Ward proposed a name change for their ward. They chose the name “Freedom.” When Brigham Young learned of the proposal, so the story goes, he responded, “When did Kay’s ward get its freedom?” The citizens backed down. Twelve years later, in 1868 they secured a territorial charter using the name Kaysville.
Glen M. Leonard, Seeking An Inheritance: Mormon Mobility, Urbanity, and Community, Journal of Mormon History, Spring 2014, 44-45.

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