Friday, August 30, 2019

Smaller Temples

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When was the idea of smaller temples first introduced?
a.                  1952
b.                  1875
c.                   1995
d.                  2000
Yesterday’s answer:
A   Money to move back to Hawaii
When news of the dissatisfaction of some of the Hawaiians in Utah got back to Hawaiian government officials, money was appropriated by the Hawaiian Legislature to help any who wished to return to the islands but could not afford tickets. Government officials and representatives even went to Utah to encourage the Hawaiians to return. The first eight Hawaiians taken back from Utah by the Hawaiian government arrived in Hawai’i on August 7, 1890, just one year after Iosepa was founded. However, in a letter written on October 1, 1890, from William A. Kinney, Hawai’i’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, then in Utah to investigate matters, to David McKinley, Hawaiian Consul General stationed in San Francisco, it was reported that:
“The majority of the native prefer to remain in Utah though many wish to return.
“None are destitute, or need be, as times were never better in Salt Lake than now that there is plenty of demand for labor. The body of the natives are over in Skull Valley, Church farming property, and only those are in Salt Lake who have broken away from the commands of the Church. These, of course, are the ones who wish to return. The many others will probably avail themselves of the chance to go home if they get it, who until that time, do not wish to show their hands to the Church authorities. Homesickness is what makes them wish to return.
“Some of the old time natives, who are thoroughly at home, declared, when they heard that the Government was going to send for them, that they would go to jail before they would comply. While these natives in Salt Lake are not destitute yet they don’t get a long very well and cannot raise enough money to return, and they are anxiously waiting the action of the Legislature which they think will send enough for them to go home on.”
Voyages of Faith-Explorations in Mormon Pacific History, Grant Underwood, (Brigham Young University Press, Provo, Utah: 2000), 78-79.

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