Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Smith vs Hurlbut

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Joseph Smith was called to testify during this 1819 court case. What was the case about?
a.                  Book of Mormon copyright
b.                  Land dispute
c.                   Recovery of unpaid wages
d.                  Trespassing on the Hill Cumorah
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Bishop and Stake High Councilman
From the life of Edwin Dilworth Woolley Sr.:   In 1853 Edwin was commissioned by Brigham Young to take a herd of cattle to California; and after his return in November of that year, he was ordained bishop of the 13th Ward, succeeding Edward Hunter who had been called as Presiding Bishop of the Church. Then, at the general conference held on April 7, 1854, he was again sustained a member of the high council, a position he had held since the Salt Lake Stake was organized five years earlier. He served in that dual capacity—bishop and high counselor—for many years.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Museum Memories, (Salt Lake City, Utah: Talon Printing, 2011), 3: 316.

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