Friday, August 9, 2019

The LDS Newspaper was the Only Newspaper

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At what location did the non-Mormon population only have a LDS newspaper to read (1830s) since there was no other newspaper within 120 miles?
a.                   Independence, Missouri
b.                   Palmyra, New York
c.                   Kirtland, Ohio
d.                   Salt Lake City
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Baseball
The successful first season of the Western Province Baseball Association and the Cumorah Baseball Club would lead to nearly twenty years of Mormon involvement in the sport in South Africa. During that inaugural season the game of baseball became an attractive alternative to the more popular sports such as rugby, cricket, and football (soccer). As the Cape Times sports editor concluded about a particularly entertaining game between the Cumorah’s and Nomads, “The sport will undoubtedly become popular. It deserves to!” And in fact, during the 1930s, baseball became an exciting new sport to follow, and the Mormon missionaries of Cumorah played a large part in its acceptance.
Booker T. Alston, The Cumorah Baseball Club: Mormon Missionaries and Baseball in South Africa, Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2014, 109.

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