Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Money for Zion

Mary Pearce Ballantyne

How was Mary Pearce Ballantyne able to earn money to migrate to America after she joined the church in England in 1849?
a.                   Selling belongings
b.                   A festival was held for her
c.                   Cleaning homes
d.                   Cooking for the missionaries
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Stole food for them
From the life of Else Margretha Poulsen Larsen Anderson:   Else Margretha was almost five years old when she left her home in Denmark with her parents who had been converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They traveled on to Liverpool where her grandmother because so ill, the parents sent six year old Else and seven year old Paul on their scheduled sailing vessel, “Jesse Munn,” with a woman who had promised to look out for the children. They were not cared for and would have starved if it had not been for a stowaway boy who stole food for them.
The children waited many weeks in Kansas City for their parents to arrive. Finally, the parents arrived and the family began the trek across the Plains in the Hans Peter Olsen Wagon Company. Else fell from the wagon seat and the wagon passed diagonally across her chest. She had to walk the remainder of the trek. Their company arrived in Salt Lake Valley, October, 1854.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, (Publishers Press, 1998), 1: 79.

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