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Where she first Learned of Her Future Husband

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Sarah Pea Rich

How did Sarah Pea first learn of her future husband in the mid 1830’s?
a.                   In a church publication
b.                   The elders told her about him
c.                   At a baptism
d.                   While working on the Kirtland Temple
Yesterday’s answer:
B   A festival was held for her
From the life of Mary Pearce Ballantyne:   Mary, a devout Methodist, was on her way to services one Sunday when she was attracted to a Latter-day Saint handbill. Stopping, she offered a prayer for light and guidance and was impressed to go to the meeting of the Latter-day Saints. When Elder George Clark spoke at that meeting, Mary felt every word uttered was meant for her. She was baptized in the River Thames, February, 19, 1849, when a thick ice on the river had to be broken to perform the ordinance. A festival was given in her honor and money was raised for her trip to Zion.
Mary would tell of how the cholera plagued wagon train ahead of them had borrowed Edward Stevenson, a friend of her fathers, to replace ill teamsters. He was lent with the promise that the train would have no more cholera, and the promise was kept. She also loved to tell of her most amazing venture into the chasm at Devils Gate on the Sweetwater. Others turned back when the swift water and cliffs seemed to formidable, but Mary determined to finish the feat. She reached a point where she could go no further nor dared go back. At that point a man appeared, lifted her down and told her that the wagon train was a short distance ahead, then suddenly and mysteriously he disappeared.
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, (Publishers Press, 1998), 1: 145-146.

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