Monday, September 2, 2019

An Easy Adoption

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When Daniel and Elizabeth Bull were forced out of Nauvoo, they moved to Quincy, Illinois where they had the misfortune of two of their three children dying. However, they were able to adopt a child while residing there. What prompted the adoption?
a.            The death of their two children
b.            His sister passed away, leaving her child with the Bulls
c.             A mother trying to kill her child
d.            Take in a homeless child
Yesterday’s answer:
D   Pass the collection plate around at Sacrament meeting
From the 1839 mission to England:   In addition to these minor differences in organization, there were some interesting differences in Church practice. There were no regular sacrament meetings as Latter-day Saints know them today. Rather, there were prayer or preaching meetings, sometimes in homes and sometimes in rented halls or chapels, where the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was often administered. Collection boxes frequently were passed in such Church meetings to raise money for the poor or for missionaries a practice unheard of in Latter-day Saint services today. There were also public preaching meetings, scheduled boy the missionaries strictly for missionary purposes. In these gathering s the elders were not reluctant to take up collections, partly because money was needed to pay for hired halls. When illness struck, the elders were called upon, as they are today, to administer to the sick by anointing them with oil as part of a priesthood blessing. What may seem peculiar to us, however, is that often the consecrated oil was applied to the affected part of the body, rather than simply to the crown of the head, and sometimes it was even taken internally. Church discipline was often more public, as members were asked to confess their transgressions in open meeting, and disciplinary actions were decided upon and announced in the conferences as well as in local branch meetings. Today such matters are taken care of in very private disciplinary councils.
Men With a Mission 1837-1841, James B. Allen et. al, (Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, Utah: 1992), 102-103.

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