Thursday, September 5, 2019

Parting Blankets

Date unknown
Ada Clements

Ada Clements left her husband, Albert, in Nauvoo and came west with the Saints. After many years she remarried Albert and was sealed to him in the Endowment House. What caused the split in the first place?
a.                  He refused to join the church
b.                  At the time of the death of Joseph Smith, she followed Brigham Young, he followed Sidney Rigdon
c.                   He didn’t want to leave Nauvoo
d.                  He lost his testimony of the Book of Mormon
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Unravel to make thread to sew new clothes
From the life of Sarah Ann Ashworth Chapman:   Sarah Ann married Isaac Moroni Chapman in 1856. They were married by Bishop Reuben Miller. She was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, August 5, 1877.
Times were hard in those times and food was scarce. After their children started to arrive she would take her youngest child with her and walk from lower Mill Creek to her mother’s home in the city and wash the family’s clothing and then carry home her child and day old bread from the Ashworth store to feed her family. She would soften the bread with water and then put honey or jam on it.
She was a visiting teacher for sixty years, always willing to care for the sick. The night was never too dark or cold for her to answer the call of the dying or the dead. When she entered the home she brought faith, hope, comfort and cheer and blessings came to those she nursed.
Sarah Ann was always busy creating things sometimes using raveling’s from old clothes for sewing thread. She spun flax and wool yarn for stockings and always made her own soap.
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Daughters of Utah Pioneers: (International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers: 1998), 1: 540.

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