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The Wooden Gun Rebellion

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Charles Roscoe Savage

Charles Roscoe Savage and seven other members of the Nauvoo Legion were imprisoned for two days for disobeying the Governors order not to assemble. This became known as the Wooden Gun Rebellion. What state did this infraction occur in?
a.                   Illinois
b.                   Iowa
c.                   Missouri
d.                   Utah
Yesterday’s answer:
A   The Lutheran Priest
From the life of Pehr A. Bjorklund:   On Aug. 20, 1893, while he and a companion were holding meetings in the country, Brother Bjorklund was taken seriously ill and was forced to remain where he was until the 23rd, when he felt sufficiently strong to return to his lodgings in Helsingborg. On his arrival there he again broke down, and decided to go to the hospital for treatment. It is supposed that while there the doctor advised him to undergo an operation, which was performed on Sunday, Aug. 28th, his companion again called and was told that Elder Bjorklund had died that morning from the effects of the operation. After some difficulty the Elders obtained the body and properly clothed it for burial, but had more trouble with the Lutheran priest who demanded to see the dead Elder’s baptismal certificate before they could inter the remains. But the burial finally took place on the morning of Sept. 2, 1893, in a pleasant plat which had been procured by the brethren.
Andrew Jensen, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, (Salt Lake City: Western Epics, 1971), 3: 602.

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