Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tied to the Wagon

Betsey Lowe Allen

What situation caused Betsy Lowe Allen’s parents to tie her to a chest mounted on a wagon?
a.                   Traveling to and from church
b.                   Traveling to and from school
c.                   Traveling on the Mormon Trail
d.                   Traveling to and from the temple
Yesterday’s answer:
B   Chicken eggs gathered on Sunday and donated for temple construction
Each Stake in the newly drawn temple districts was levied a “large appropriation” or assessment by Church headquarters, to be paid in cash or by contributions-in-kind. Each adult was asked to donate fifty cents monthly, and this at a time when bread cost four cents a loaf and a common laborer’s wages in New York were ninety cents a day. As seen in table 1, the kinds of donations were long and varied, with everything from potatoes, cabbage, and dried apples to quilts, coffee, tobacco, and blacksmithing services. Apostle Lorenzo Snow even advised the sisters to devote the proceeds of the sale of their “Sunday eggs” to the construction effort. . . .
The construction of these temples, each at a minimum cost of approximately $500,000
“Which is the Wisest Course,” The Transformation in Mormon Temple Consciousness, 1870-1898. Richard E. Bennett, BYU Studies Vol. 52, No. 2, 2013, 28-29.

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